mehmet-ucak-galata-advisorsMEHMET UÇAK


Since 2012, Mehmet Uçak who has been pursuing his works independently in his field for up to 25 years has maintained the work of EuraAudit International Turkiye with gathering under the corporate identity. He has been a chairman of the executive board of Galata Global Independent Audit and Consultancy Inc. since 2013.

Mehmet Uçak who is a solution partner for Mergers & Acquisition (M&A), internal auditing, institutional management consultation was graduated from Hacettepe University in Business Administration in 1985. He worked in Gama İnşaat Şirketler Topluluğu, and communion of Yaşar Holding, Botaş A.Ş. as an accounting manager.


Mehmet Kerem GÜVENÇ

He completed his undergraduate education at Mimar Sinan University, Department of Industrial Design, and continued his graduate education at Marmara University, Industrial Products.

After his university education, he started his career in 1992 and worked in well- known architectural offices as project manager, construction manager, design supervisor and manager until he opened his own Design and Interior Architecture Office.
He joined the Technology Holding in 2001 by combining his design office with Alphan Manas Design Studio. As a founding partner and General Manager of T-Design in the Design Group, which was established under the umbrella of Technology Holding after 2002, he has carried out important product design
projects. Many of the products designed within T-Design have been patented and protected worldwide.
He was also invited to many panels as a speaker during this period and gave lectures on design and development at universities. Between 2002 and 2006, he developed projects for big companies such as Vestel, Arçelik, BP with the T-Design team. He continued to work as a board member of T-Design and founding partner; General Manager of Labranda under the umbrella of Brightwell Holdings, which was established in 2006 with the separation of Technology Holding partners. Labranda was founded to design and develop boats and platforms.
He launched the Water Taxi and management system project, which he developed in 2005 with the T-Design team, in 2008 by winning the tender of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and City Lines Maritime Management.
Water Taxis has been produced as a hundred percent local design in Labranda Shipyard. Sea Taxi and project management system was chosen as a master’s thesis project at Georgetown University in the United States and thesis students have worked with him in Turkey in this regard. After 2010, he continued his work, established companies in various sectors, developing design, software and IT projects and supporting Startups in this field.
Since 2018, he has been providing investment and financial consultancy on Real

tamer-gediz-galata-advisorsTAMER GEDİZ

He was born in 1938 and graduated from Galatasaray High School. In addition, he completed his PhD degree in the faculty of political science at University of Lausanne.

During the 60 year of his working life, he took in partnership with Gedizler co. ltd. that has dealership of automotive, domestic appliance, Italian fitted kitchen products, and he granted distributorship of Ginova and Bonini Kitchen Dining Companies, Italy.

He was the Economic Counseling of Ismail Cem, the former ministry of foreign affairs. He can speak English, French, and Italian fluently. He has being offered consulting services for international companies in Mergers & Acquisition (M&A), corporate finance.

Cem Gökay ÖZSÜER

After completing his education in Turkey at Izmir Ataturk High School and Gazi Faculty of Economics, he continued his education in Tokyo, Japan. After completing his university education in Economics and Business Administration in Tokyo, he completed his Master’s Degree in Finance in this country.

He started major concert organizations in Japan while doing his master’s degree.
He performed these concerts with some foreign embassies, such as France and Italy, with well-known brand sponsorships and ultimately with Toshiba EMI. 2012, starting from 2013, with the company which is itself a member of the board of directors in Japan between Turkey and Japan has coordinated the work of financial and technological cooperation, including public and private. Also made between Japan and Turkey, with foundations, non-profit organizations and NGOs have organized workshops. These collaborations have been in the form of business development and Financial Consultancy on Health, Energy, Infrastructure and Superstructure. Since 2017, he has been providing investment and financial consultancy on Real

israfil-demirel-galata-advisorsİSRAFİL DEMİREL

İsrafil Demirel who was born in 1976 was graduated from Celal Bayar University in the department of Business Administration with high score. He worked in Izmir Branch Office of Oyak Yatırım (Investment) in the field of investment consultancy and portfolio management for 16 years.

During his business life, he has become an expert of Capital Market Instruments and Products. In 2000, he completed successfully the educational program of Financial Management and Financial Analysis, and Equity Issue Conversion and Sale Bill Market which opened by Chamber of Commerce Izmir. Furthermore, he took a course, Management and Manager Development, which is provided by Ege University in 2004. He has Advanced Level Certificate, Derivative Financial Instruments Certificate, and Fundamental Level Certificate form Committee of Capital Market. Moreover, he becomes an expert of Derivatives Market and Technical Analysis. Still, he writes in Ekonomik Çözüm Gazetesi weekly.

engin-erguden-galata-advisorsDR. A. ENGİN ERGÜDEN

He was graduated from Uludağ University in the department of Business Administration. After taking the B.S., he participated in program of Specialization in Financial Management that was given by İstanbul University. Then he continued his collegiate life in Marmara University where he took his Master degree. Also he completed his PhD. degree in the same university and same faculty.

He started his career in Güreli YMM A.Ş. as assistant auditor in 1995. In chronological order, in 1998 Dr. A. Engin Ergüden worked as a senior auditor at Güreli YMM, from 2000 to 2006 he worked as internal audit assistant manager, then he was promoted to internal audit manager. In 2006 from March to July, he was the advisor of general manager of D&R Mağazacalık A.Ş. From 2006 to 2009 Dr. A. Engin Ergüden performed a service as internal audit manager.

In 2009 he established Erler SMMM Denetim Hizmetleri Ltd Şti that provide services like audit and audit consultancy. Since 2009, he renders services as a (partner) director.

Dr. A. Engin Ergüden who has the Certification of Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor (SMMM) and Certification of Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) is a member of Türkiye İç Denetim Enstitüsü Akademik İlişkiler Komitesi (TİDE), The Institude of Internal Auditors, Türkiye Muhasebe Uzmanları Derneği, Türkiye Kurumsal Yönetim Derneği, and Muhasebeciler Mali Müşavirler Birliği Derneği.

He has been lecturing in Yeditepe University and Bahçeşehir University in the faculty of economic and administrative sciences and institute of social sciences.

Moreover, regarding Turkish Commercial Code, Independent Audit Standards and Practices, Public Oversights Authority Dr. A. Engin Ergüden provides professional educational programs as part of member of profession authorization for the companies within Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants Turkey (TÜRMOB).

sinan-polater-galata-advisorsSİNAN POLATER

He was graduated from Middle East Technical University in the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. After that he completed the program of International Business in İstanbul University.

He worked as business development specialist in HABAŞ, and as customer relations chief in ASİL ÇELİK. In 1991, he joined in Bureau Veritas.

He got training about management system consultancy, communication techniques and management skills in England and France. From 1993 to 1991 he was assigned to director of department of education and consultancy. In this period, he consulted and educated various companies to constitute quality management system, and fundamental management system.

From 1992 to 2001, he was an executive assessor of TÜSİAD-KalDer Ulusal Kalite Ödülü. Since 1999, he has pursued professional education and consultancy services in Polater Eğitim ve Danışmanlık Ltd. that was founded by Sinan Polater.

He offers business advisory services to companies by focusing on Strategic Planning, Process Management and Process Improvement, and Organization Development. He provides training for fundamental communication skills, management skills, strategic thinking, cognitive skills, customer relations, process and system development, teamwork skills, and personal development. He was selected as a competent educator by Kalite Derneği with the appraisement. He participated in the training program which organized by Kalite Derneği as a trainer. He organized training courses of his expertise field for several companies, institutions and organizations like BSH Ev Aletleri, Setur, Frito Lay, Major SKT, Mako, Betek Boya, Polisan, Schneider Elektrik, Tüpraş, Omsan, Solmaz Grubu, Amerikan Hastanesi, Anadolu Sigorta, THY, Bakırköy Belediyesi, Vatan Bilgisayar, etc.

Sinan Polater has published articles in various journals and newspaper, and he has refereed for books and articles in his profession.


GalataAdvisors and its international partner, Euraaudit render services in institutional management and consultation with high quality and standards.